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This Autumn was a whirlwind! 

In September, Lynn Lawson-Pajunen and I finished setting up our studio-gallery Colours & Canvas, and held our Opening Show and Sale. Colours & Canvas is located at 33 Rayborn Crescent in the Riel Business Park in St. Albert. In November, we held a Christmas Sale along with Big Lake Artists’ studios. Turnout was great, and for me the best was the insightful comments of visitors. This is always helpful, because it allows me a window into what interpretations different viewers come away with, giving me an idea of what elements of what I am trying to say about a particular place are appreciated.

Visitors showed considerable interest in the digitally transformed images of my original oil paintings. Some of these are shown below.


Trail After Rain in Lac La Biche District.

Reflections in Creek Pool near Buffalo Lake.







To see the digitally transformed images, along with a description of the process, go to ‘Digital Variations’ (below).

Come and Visit!

My paintings are all at Colours & Canvas now. You can sort through them on the shelves, view them digitally on a TV monitor, or flip through hard-copy images which I have now assembled into a single catalogue of printed images.

Annette Lake, Jasper.

Sunwapta Falls.

Long Lake, September.







To see all of my original oils on canvas works, go to ‘Spaces I’ through ‘Spaces III’ of Portfolio (See below).  To see the digitally transformed images, go to ‘Digital Variations’.