Images – Natural Order and Chaos

In 2016, I began to explore a new avenue, creating digitally transformed images of some of my past oil/canvas landscapes, taking into account some aspects of chaos theory and using digital algorithms of different properties to gradually ‘re-paint’ the image. The care and time required to do the digital transformation is often equal to that required to paint the physical oil/canvas painting from which it is derived. 

The images were just pictures on a screen until I discovered the talents of Klyment Tan, an Edmonton-based artist, photographer and imaging consultant. His profound knowledge of colour and materials are employed to project the image on a surface—canvas, paper, metal or other media with different coatings to adhere the pigments. Each one is an original.

The process renders entirely new visual expressions from the original oil painting. In exploring the mystery of a northern spruce bog, the activity of a prairie slough, the diaphanous colours of a prairie dawn, the process yields new ideas and possibilities—colours, shapes, changing relationships among fractals of an image and of an ecosystem as well.