Images – Natural Order and Chaos

A few years ago, I began to explore a new avenue, creating digitally transformed images of some of my past paintings, taking into account some aspects of chaos theory and using digital algorithms of different properties to re-create the image with ‘digital brushes’.  

The images were just pictures on a screen until I discovered the talents of Klyment Tan, an Edmonton-based artist, photographer and imaging consultant. His profound knowledge of colour and materials are employed to project the image on a surface—canvas, paper, metal or other media with different coatings to adhere the pigments. Each one is sold as an original.* 

The process renders entirely new visual expressions. In exploring the mystery of a northern spruce bog, the activity of a prairie slough, the diaphanous colours of a prairie dawn, the process yields new ideas and possibilities—colours, shapes, changing relationships among fractals of an image and of an ecosystem as well.

*After sale, I delete all graphic files of the image, apart from a low resolution file kept only for reference. The purchaser is provided with a chip containing the only existing image file.