Art in the Age of COVID

A New Way of Selecting & Purchasing Artwork Without Leaving Home!

What would you think of choosing artworks for your walls, without having to leave your home or office?

Now, you can select from my many artworks depicting landscapes of Alberta, and view your own living room, office or other space as it would look with outdoor scenes like mountains, marshes, forests and prairies!

After sending us a photo of the wall(s) where you wish the artwork to go, our team can work together with you on-line (Zoom), to superimpose the images on your wall!

See one painting or several pieces arranged in various sizes and configurations. This way, you can ensure they fit exactly into the room and wall where you’d like to place it, for example a living room or office wall.

We can also adjust the tones of the image to ensure it fits precisely with your tastes, where you can enjoy it over the years to come. For the digitally-based original series, we can size them so they perfectly express the tone you want to convey of your home or office.

Packaging and delivery of the art-work will be done consistent with social-distancing principles. We’ll supply and install your choice of frames, to unify the look in an integrated way.

Yes, we can do this during the COVID-19 pandemic. But heck! Wouldn’t this be a great way to choose and install art even without needing a pandemic?

Send me an e-mail at or call 780 497-1799, and we can organize an on-line viewing session to demo and explore the idea. No obligations.

If you would like to view the canvas prints in-person, the best way is by appointment, at the e-mail shown above, or the phone number shown below.